Friday, August 19, 2016

Yard Sale UPDATE !!

Well Sunday is looking like a sunny day ... PERFECT for a yard sale !! I have been pricing like a madwoman !! There is SO MUCH STUFF and much of it is 75% off . AND no added tax !! Actually there is so much, that I may have to have another sale in September ... I probably won't get it all ready for this sale. Here are a few of the updates I have posted :
** I had to go buy more yellow SALE stickers today ... SO MUCH STUFF !!! 
** The Family Feed Store Ltd will also have a table of items for sale. 
** Just a sampling ... 
Mini albums for $2, ink pads for $2 & $3, markers for $1 & $2, paints/stains/sprays - $2 each, Stickles $1.
Bead strands $1 & $2. Semi precious beads $2 & $3 strand. 
Stamps & dies ... approx 65-75% off. 
Embellishments ... $1 and $2 pkg. 
Paper ... some packs are 15 sheets for just $5 !!
Also ... shelves , a large round table, a few paper racks, ink racks.
Surplus stock from The Family Feed Store. Cool stuff !

Remember these berries from last summer ? Well, Ingrich Farms will be there with their fabulous blueberries. These berries are THE BEST EVER ! And they are as big as your head. (almost). Locally grown in Victoria Vale, picked fresh this weekend, and just $3 pint. YUM !!
Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday !
Debit available. 

Friday, August 12, 2016


Good morning ! It's Friday morning and I said I would make the call about the yard sale this morning. Sunday shows a 90% chance of rain ... and that's too much for paper, packaging, books, and beads. 
So the YARD SALE will be SUNDAY AUGUST 21st ... and I can start watching the weather next week again. lol. 
I made the decision early so those of you who are planning to make the trip have time to change your plans. I appreciate all of you who are hoping to make the trip.
And pssst ... that means I have another week to dig out EVEN MORE STUFF !!!! 
I will be SO GRATEFUL for the rain that I can't even be upset. Let's hope that Sunday is a day of long steady rain and the fires all get put out.
Have a great weekend everyone & thank you !!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Yard Sale Questions ...

I have been pricing & sorting for days ... with lots more to go !! I have used up pages and pages of $1 and $2 stickers if that gives you a hint at what kind of deals there will be !! DEEP DEEP DISCOUNTS !!!
This Sunday from 9am to 2pm. 

Here are some answers to questions that I have been getting ...
1. Weather ... my crystal ball is broken so I have to rely on Environment Canada, lol. For now it shows light showers but the forecast changes every day. If it rains, the sale will be postponed until the next Sunday. I really won't know until late Saturday night or very early Sunday morning. I will post here though if it is postponed.
2. There is no indoor venue. If it rains, the sale will be held outside on thenext Sunday. Or the next sunny Sunday. I don't have room in the store to hold the sale.
3. The sale starts at 9am ... no early birds please ! We actually will have the driveway to the back parking lot blocked because we have to come in very early to set up. So the site will not be opened up until 9am. So no advantage to come early.
Sleep in, have a coffee ... 
4. Sending lists & orders ... sorry but I am straight out trying to get through 3 rooms of boxes - sorting & pricing. I really don't have time to pick out orders and it really isn't fair to those who show up for the sale. So it is an "in person" sale. Whatever is left will eventually be listed on Facebook and could then be purchased for mailing.
5. Cash or debit. No holds.
6. No early previews or items held. Sorry. Again, not fair to those who come out that morning.
7. The prices marked are the prices. There will not be any tax added. So that is the final price.  But, there are also no further discounts. The prices are SLASHED so the price is whatever is tagged.
8. Come prepared to find some great deals ! 

Saturday, August 6, 2016


hello !
I have been pricing things for the yard sale on Sunday Aug 14th . I'll let you in on a secret ... there are going to be DEALS !!!
Most things are about 1/3 to 1/4 of the original price. And NO TAX ADDED !!!
The tax is already included in the price ! SO HUGE SAVINGS !!

Here's a quick sample ...
Beads - many $1 and $2 strands.
Wire - $2 - $4 spool
Inkpads - $1 to $4 ... and the $4 is for the great big Kaleidoscope multi ink pad .
Deals !!!

I am off to Staples today to get more stickers ... I have priced so many things that I've run out !
Scroll down to the previous post to see all the details about the sale.

** I will be re-opening in September, date still to be determined. There are a few things I am waiting to hear about and then I will set a date. Lots to do before then so ... see you later !!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Sunday August 14th ... 9am to 2pm.

Where ... Classic Hobbies , 163 Main Street, Middleton
Sale will be set up in the Feed Store parking lot out behind the store.
Parking available in my parking lot out front and to the side.

CASH purchases or DEBIT will be available. 

Great deals on stamps, dies, tools, beads, jewelry supplies, paper, storage, and more !!
I need to clear out the store to make room for the classroom !!

DEEP DEEP Discounts !!
Many items discounted 75% , some even more !
All items will be even dollar amounts.
Tax will be already included in the price.
There will be $1, $2, $5, $10 tables.

Rain Date - August 21st. 

Please share this post, tell your friends, shout it from the rooftops !!

Monday, July 11, 2016


Hello !
I have some great deals for you on dies & stamps. These are some "one of a kind" items that I have left ... so just one of each, unless I indicate otherwise.
The prices are exactly as marked ... tax is included ! So if it says $10 ... that's what it is ... a flat $10.
Wahoo !!
Same "rules" as last time ...
** Payment must be arranged within 48 hours, after that it goes back up for sale. Sorry, no holds for longer. Email transfer, credit card, or cash at the Feed Store (outback) .
** But once the item is paid for , I can hold it for as long as you like. Or it can mailed ... now or at a later date, in case you want to buy more items and combine them for cheaper shipping, lol.
So here goes ... first you'll see the original price including tax ... and then the SALE price now !
Don't wait !! They may sell quickly. I'll try to keep the list updated.
Thanks !
$44.83 ... now $20
$44.83 ... now $20
$34.49 ... now $15
$30.46 ... now $13
$40 ... now $18
TWO sets available
$44.25 .... now $20

$22.99 .... now $10
$44.98 .... now $20

$36.79 .... now $15

$42.54 .... now $20

$63.24 ... now $25

$41.38 .... now $18
** TWO available
1 Heat Wave tool, 1 stencil, 2 packs foil
Was $70.79 .... now $30
THREE sets available

Recipe box and cards - 4 dies
Was $43.69 ... now $20
TWO available

$36.79 ... $15

$40.24 .... now $18

$34.49 .... now $15

Was $103.49 .... now $45.

Friday, July 8, 2016

$5 FRIDAY !!

Hello !
I have 2 albums of super deals for you today ! Every item in the album is just $5 !! That's tax included. SO , in the world of tax added, the price would be just $4.35. lol.
Here's how it works... just send me a message or comment on Facebook saying what you want, I'll send a total, and I'll hold the item for you for 48 hours so you can pay for it. You can pay with an email transfer, by credit card, or with cash in that time period. Easy !
So, just think ... with $100 you could buy TWENTY THINGS !!!
I will share the link to the albums. They are on Facebook and I know some of you that are not on Facebook can't see all the items. I'm working on ways to fix that but so far haven't found one. I'll keep trying. I haven't been able to post them all here because it takes far too long to load that large number of photos to this blog. One suggestion is to sign up to Facebook but only to follow pages. You don't have to send and accept friend requests. Just an idea. In the meantime, I'll keep searching for a way to link. Sorry about that.
Here is the link to the first album. This is for the beaders out there ... remember just a flat $5 per item.

And here's the album for paper crafters ... stampers, cardmakers, scrapbookers. Also. just $5 per item.

Hope you find some treasures ! I'll be back next week with more ... and possibly a yard sale ! Working on it. ;)